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We are passionate about making nutritious food easier to enjoy.

We created Keen One with a mission to deliver delicious, nutritious food that fits a busy lifestyle without compromising in quality or flavor.

  • USDA-certified organic ✔

    All of our quinoa producers meet strict USDA standards and never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Plant-based ✔

    Studies show that eating a plant-based diet is proven to have positive health effects.

  • Traded fairly ✔

    We pay our quinoa producers 5-10 percent above market price to ensure their quality of life.

  • Nutrient-dense ✔

    Quinoa is packed with plant-based protein, complete amino acids, and many other nutrients.

  • Environmentally-friendly ✔

    We've built our model carefully because we care about our impact from seed to shelf.

  • Loved by customers ✔

    Our products are loved by customers and carry consistently high satisfaction ratings!

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