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Teacher and gamethusiast approved

"I love these tasty little cups. I was surprised by the taste of all of the different unique flavors when I was given a mixed case of these cups. I was headed on a road trip and my friend wanted to make sure I had good food for the many miles ahead. As I ate them, each one continued to become my new favorite. Jamaican Jerk I think is my favorite overall but it's hard to say TBH. They are so easy and convenient on the road. I also teach piano and they are perfect for between students if I have back to back lessons around lunch time. Also great to have when it's game night and you want to focus on the fun! Not to mention, I'm also back in school so these are great for the short lunch breaks we have between morning and afternoon session...I'm a bit busy these days so they come in handy all the time!"

Mmmmmm good - Mary-Therese

Student approved

"Quality, healthy, instant, tasty, plant-based foods are hard to come by. For a long time, I stayed away from instant products because of their low nutritional profiles. Plus, there were few plant-based options. But Keen One quinoa cups are quality, organic, nutritionally beneficial, and they taste amazing. As a full-time graduate student and runner, I can be pressed for time, low on energy, and still trust that I'm getting quality nutrition thanks to the Keen One cups."

—Colleen J

Founder and OG Keenthusiast

"I once dreamed of having quinoa be as easy and delicious as a quick cooking pack of Ramen Noodles with the obvious healthier aspect. After formulating the idea into a class project with some classmates, I continued to tinker in the kitchen, then in commercial kitchens, then our own facility and then a best in class co-packer to make the genesis a reality. I'm really proud of these tasty cups and all the hard work and other iterations that goes into them. I love the quick ease and convenience of these cups during long production days, road trips or as a fun addition to a bigger culinary recipe. Garden Medley and Harissa Red Pepper are my two favorites but I do love them all like a proud father and continue to try out new flavors to see what may be the next hit!"

Cheers - Christopher Algea

Family First

“As the parents of three growing kids, we love feeding our family organic food anytime we can. It's even better when it's so easy and affordable like Keen One Quinoa allows with its convenience and short prep time. Cooking our children a meal that is not only packed with protein, fiber and iron is important, but also keeping them full for hours is a win-win. We love using the Garden Medley for easy pilafs as a staple of dinner, though we have fell in love with the new cups, especially the Jamaican Jerk. My wife, Kelly, and her sister are in love with this one, although I personally gravitate more to the smoky spice of the Chipotle.”

—David Algea

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Shred life

“Being a ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain in Wyoming, I have always been a big fan of Keen One Quinoa. I am on my skis an average of 120 days each winter so I need long lasting energy to keep me warm on those extra cold January and February days. Plus, my house is a gluten-free zone, so it fits right into my diet. The Pesto Pasta Quinoa Cup is my new favorite.”

—Peter Wemple

Mom approved

“I am a long time Colorado resident and the mother of two children. I have always been very health conscious, which begins with a balanced diet. I love how Keen One Quinoa makes it easy to incorporate in my new favorite superfood, quinoa, into my family’s diet. I am a fan of all the flavors, but must admit that Thai Curry is my favorite. I love the versatility of the products. The entrée mixes are great on their own, but I really enjoy challenging myself to come up with creative ways to incorporate quinoa into a healthy meal!”

—Pam O'Brien

Healthy snacking

“I have been a long time fan of Keen One Quinoa; I like how quick and easy the mixes are to cook but my favorite is Chocolate Nut Krunch. I spend a lot of time outside living in beautiful San Diego and always try to keep Chocolate Nut Krunch within reach for a tasty, healthy snack. After Keen One had to discontinue these, I was bummed, though just ordered a mixed case of the new cups which I’m stoked to try. If they’re half as good as the Chocolate Nut Krunch, I will be a happy man!”

—Steve Lakes

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