Fear Not, Natural Resources

Quinoa is a naturally drought resistant crop and requires minimal water to thrive, making it a significantly more eco- friendly choice over other protein sources.

No Chemical Pesticides—Ever

Quinoa comes naturally equipped with its own natural pollen-like pest deterrent called saponin which protects it from insects, birds and rodents.

Zero Fertilizer, Just “Llama Beans”

We source our quinoa from organic, fair trade farms in the altiplano of Bolivia which use only llama guano as a natural fertilizer.

We Tread Lightly

We like to keep our carbon footprint low. Rather than transporting Bolivian quinoa to the U.S. via air freight or trucks, we choose to ship primarily through ocean cargo to reduce CO2 emissions.

Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Unlike other livestock-based proteins such as poultry or pork, quinoa emits a nearly non-existent amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.