Chipotle Cup Case of 6

Chipotle Case

Tri Color Quinoa combined with Hemp meet Roasted Corn, Black Beans & Chipotle Peppers that make you feel like you are in the Corazon of Mexico...Saludos! 




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Customer Reviews

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John Mallernee
Just needs a little tweaaking

I decided to take a chance and buy a box six. - one of each flavor. Like some other customers, I had a little trouble with the first one. The microwave instructions say you should peel the cover 1/2 open and “fill with 2/3 cups of water to fill line.” I just used the measuring cup in my kitchen. I laid cover back over top of cup, set for 1 1/2 minutes and push start.
After cook time, I let it sit for 4 minutes – opened, stirred and ate… not quite right. So I tweaked it a little.
Added about 1/4 cup of hot tap water. – stirred and microwaved for 1 minute. This time it was better.
My first spoonful I thought “wow”. It had that spicy heat that kind of grows, but not too much. Too quickly I found myself digging around in the bottom of my empty cup. I wanted more!
Since then, I have found – for my microwave – 3/4 – 7 /8 cup of water works – stirred in and a full 5 minutes wait after cooking works better.
I think they have a good product. Just needs a little tweaking.
OH – and I never tried the boiling water. If you have the will power to keep from dipping in before the full 10 minutes wait is up – that is probably the best way. The re-hydration of ingredient is worth the wait.

A + B-

My husband and I had different responses to the Quinoa Chipotle Cup. He gave it a 5 - like it just as the instructions listed.

I gave it a 3 (but may increase it after I make it a few times) as it took several attempts to add water, microwave and let sit). I like spicy foods, but this flavor was too spicy. In addition, after following the directions and I didn’t like the thick texture once it was cooked. After adding about of 1/2 C hot Veg broth and letting it sit, I enjoyed this product that ended up being a nicely milder flavored soup.


Tasty and spicy!

I bought these for my young adult daughter who needs to eat healthy but lacks time during the week to make a healthy supper. She said that she loves the taste and texture, but they are pretty spicy! She also said to take care heating them in the microwave, as they can bubble over. She wants me to buy her some more when she runs out, so that is a good sign that this is an excellent product!

Dom S.

I'm a fan of spicy foods, have been most of my life... Having tried all of the Keen One Quinoa cups, Chipotle is my favorite! The spice isn't at all overwhelming and actually has a nice little kick to it. The difference between spicy foods and this Chipotle flavor is that spicy foods go for the surprise element of "hot". An example would be the shock factor horror films have overused when you know someone is about to pop out and scare you for that cheap thrill. This is the opposite of that. The Chipotle spice enhances the meal subtly without overpowering. Great for complimenting a veggie meal or just eating alone - recommended!! Keep up the great work in the kitchen K1 :)


Absolutely obsessed! I love this flavor! My favorite thing to do is add a little dollop of sour cream to it and it㒓泅 amazing! I love these!

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