Edamame Sushi Quinoa with Kimchi Pancakes

Edamame Sushi Quinoa with Kimchi Pancakes

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🌶️Edamame Sushi Quinoa with Kimchi Pancakes🇰🇷

Keen One Edamame Sushi Quinoa Cup
1 heaped cup flour mix 
1 cup vegan kimchi, drained and finely chopped. Keep liquid to add to the mix
2 small spring onions / scallions, finely sliced
3 tbsp finely chopped coriander (optional)
2 tsp sriracha or red pepper flakes (if you want extra spice and more color)
1-2 tbsp oil for cooking

Combine flour, kimchi, liquid, onions, scallions, sriracha/red pepper flakes in a mixing bowl.
Heat pan with cooking oil.
Fry batter in small circle drops (they will spread out to be bigger)
Add quinoa on top and coriander if wanted

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