Missy's Product Reviews

Missy's Product Reviews

Did you know quinoa is full of fiber almost twice as much as other grains we eat along with protein? I wanted to tell you about Keen One Quinoa I was sent six quinoa cups these are easy to take with you any way you go for lunch that you may be rushing around to have between the work and kids the flavors you can choose from are Chipotle this is tricolor quinoa combined with Hamp and roasted corn, black beans and chipotle peppers that will make you feel like you are in the Corazon of Mexico. Edamame Sushi has quinoa with black sesame and hemp that unite with Edamame, carrots, seaweed, me so and ginger to bring you a Japanese inspired delight. Garden Medley this has quinoa and hemp mixed with savory vegetables that will take you back to the farmers market each time you eat it. 

Harissa Red Pepper this has quinoa and hemp mixed with lentils, chickpeas that are seasoned with Moroccan spices that come alive in a trek called flavor country. Jamaican Jerk combines quinoa and hemp hearts encounter in a spicy island romance with red beans and sweet potatoes. Pesto Pasta has tricolor quinoa and organic wheat pasta with basil, parsley, sun ripened tomatoes and chickpeas for a little tour of Italy that is bursting with fresh herbs and so much more. All these are USDA Organic, NON-GMO, Gluten Free, and Plant Based.

My Opinion: I like quinoa and I found that this was perfect to have for lunch as it was very filling and my favorite is the garden medley. Because this was very filling I did not eat in between meals which are nice for me cents am trying to lose a little bit of weight.

About Them: Keen One Quinoa first sprouted in an unassuming classroom at the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business in 2007. Tasked with a class project on new product development, founder Christopher Algea a cash-strapped college student at the time decided quinoa could be an affordable, nutritious option over the empty calories of typical dorm food. His classmates agreed and the seeds of the brand began to take root.

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