Things get Interesante: Memoirs of a Quinoa Optimist

Things get Interesante: Memoirs of a Quinoa Optimist

Living in Boulder during college was an amazing experience. You get the fun of a great school with one of the most gorgeous and adventure laden backdrops in all of the US...maybe the world. Not to mention, the melting pot of different people and backgrounds from all over the US and the world. I often shake my head when I hear that there is no diversity in Boulder. Just because a majority of the people in Boulder generally has a lighter skin tone than some geographical regions in our country, does not entail the deeper character, backgrounds, true ethnicities, culture and comfort FOOD that it brings to one beautiful town!)..Obviously, I'm a bit partial, though I do think there is a cool openness to towns like Boulder that is very hard to leave if you've traveled much through different parts of the US and or grew up in the South as I did...ok, that enough of that rant)

My main point here is that there would not be the amount of interest in food, healthy lifestyle, adventure and wanting to live in this part of Colorado in creating these game changing ideas that turn into reality and viable business. From Farmer's Market's to an array of different Restaurants throughout town, I started to really become a foodie and appreciate the joy of food. Back in 2005, I was a pretty normal kid eating a lot of sandwiches, pizza and quick meals like ramen and mac n cheese. These comfort foods are ingrained in most American diets through school lunch programs and the media. As I began working at Aji, the amount of flavor and understanding of nutrition started to change the way I chose food and would go through a lunch line at CU. My plate started getting more leafy greens and toppers such as beets and edamame that were not as prevalent in the South. 

As I began my senior year at CU, I started wondering about the future. Would I go off to work at Target or one of the other large corporations that was always tabling at the biz school? Or would I go out for an adventure via Teach for America or the Peace Corp?...maybe do something of my own? As most college students do, I tried not to think too hard about this during the semester but it was a valid concern. Then came a marketing class called New Product Development that changed it all..



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