Is cooking with olive oil dangerous? Oils with heat, other recommendations, and more!

Is cooking with olive oil dangerous? Oils with heat, other recommendations, and more!

Have you heard that you shouldn't cook with olive oil when you are using high heat? We've heard this about a few years ago, but we were surprised at how many people have not heard anything about this. Many people often fry foods with extra-virgin olive oil thinking that it will be healthier to fry with than canola oil, but many chefs and health professionals recommend using olive oil only at certain times but not when using it with high heat. 

What is the smoke point of oil?

The smoke point is when the oil starts burning, and olive oil has a relatively low smoke point. This is why many advise against frying with olive oil because burning your food can have negative health consequences, and there are plenty of oils that have higher smoke points. 

When should I use olive oil?

If you know that your dish doesn't require a lot of heat (making a dressing that uses olive oil, putting it on warm bread after baking, etc.), this is a perfect time for olive oil! Olive oil is known for its aromatic scent and distinct taste that adds to many dishes, and you can get all the health benefits of olive oil without the dangers.

What other oils can I use?

Our favorite oil to cook at a higher heat is avocado oil. At a smoke point of 520 degrees Fahrenheit, it is one of the oils that have a higher smoke point. The taste also blends well with all types of dishes, and the health benefits of avocados are great. We also like using grape seed oil when you are looking for more affordable oil options. If you are planning on frying something and only have olive oil and canola oil at home, most recommend that you use canola oil for this. However, we recommend that you research it more depending on your cooking method and what heat you are cooking at to see what is best for you!

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