Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Easy Recipe Ideas!

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Easy Recipe Ideas!

Cinnamon is one of our favorite spices with its sweet scent and spicy flavor! Cinnamon is a spice from the bark of Cinnamonum trees. Cinnamon is popular for its ability in lowering blood sugar as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. Adding cinnamon to your dishes can lead to a lower spike of blood sugar from a meal. Anti-inflammatory foods are often studied for its effects against diseases and problems such as acne and gut issues. 

Because the flavor goes so well with sweet and savory dishes, cinnamon often goes with various different recipes. Please check out some of our recipes using our Jamaican Jerk Quinoa Cup for easy ways to get fiber, protein, spices, and more to your daily diet! 


Spring Salad with Crispy Apple Chips + Homemade Dressing

Keen One Jamaican Jerk Quinoa Cup
Chopped cabbage and kale mix
Dried apple chips
Minced almonds
Roasted sunflower seeds
Vegan “Honey” mustard dressing:
Yellow mustard
Agave nectar
Dash of salt and garlic powder

Prepare quinoa cup according to directions
Place quinoa over cabbage and kale
Sprinkle dried apples, almonds, and sunflower seeds
Drizzle desired amount of homemade dressing over salad


Black Bean Plant Based Bowl

Black Bean Plant Based Bowl

  • 1 cup red butter lettuce
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/4 cup black beans
  • 1 cup Keen One Jamaican Jerk Quinoa

Slice cucumber. Cook Keen One cup according to package directions 🧭 Add lettuce, beans, cucumber, and quinoa to a bowl. Enjoy!


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